Professional Warfare

By L. Ron Hubbard

20 February 1970  The Independent Journal Published by the Church of Scientology

Governments are very foolish indeed to side with one or the other in private group wars.

When the British government took sides between Puritans and Catholics they got Cromwell*, a fate not even a government deserved, much less the English, Scot and Irish people!

Faction fights are not things in which governments should choose sides.

The dispute between Scientologists and psychiatrists to control the field of mental healing has so far been marred by government partisanship for the psychiatrists.

The Scientologist can well ask why the governments involved wish to tar themselves with such a brush.

The psychiatrist lacking technology, fat with corrupt “research grants,” has played the game of saying to those politicians they could influence, “let’s you and them fight.”

In a fair field the psychiatrist would lose hands down. He has no real public membership, his technology came from 19th century Germany. He is publicly detested so that a whole city that was polled (New Orleans) said, “Anything would be better than psychiatry!” The statistics of crime and insanity which psychiatry is paid to control are soaring.
So the psychiatric front groups have no choice but to hide behind politicians. In an open field these two groups would either come to terms or the Scientologists would win.

This is why the psychiatrist pours rivers of false reports about Scientology into government ears and those press outlets whose owners they control.

The Scientologist has a legitimate complaint against psychiatry on purely technical grounds.

Over the years the Scientologist got on his lines more and more injured, maimed and ruined people who had been brutalized by psychiatrists.

Drug addicts became an increasing problem and when Scientologists looked into the society they found psychiatry was pushing drugs and addicting people as a “cure.”

Electric shock and “brain surgery” that had cured nothing now had to be handled by the Scientologist as “psychic traumas” in addition to handling what had been wrong in the first place.

The Scientologists’ stomach was turned by the Nazi death camp conditions in “mental hospitals” run by psychiatry. The denial of all human and civil rights to anyone declared “insane” often for political reasons, revolted the sense of justice and decency of millions of Scientologists.

The founder of Scientology has been howled at and invalidated by psychiatry solely because he refused utterly to go along with psychiatric brutality and in 1950 was outspokenly critical of the Nazi approach. For years psychiatric front groups have released a torrent of lies and abuse about him because they are afraid he will win. They could not control him even while privately admitting he was a skilled practitioner, so skilled that 18 psychiatrists in just one month alone secretly sought to retain him to treat their wives and families.

It is folly for a government to get involved with and take sides in a purely professional fight.

Scientologists ask nothing better than a contest in the open with psychiatry.

The one thing psychiatry has tried to avoid for years was any confrontation with Scientology. Using every trick known in covert operations, using every news media pawn they had, using every politician who would listen to lies, psychiatry has been forced to fight an undercover battle.

But it is just a factional fight between two private professional groups.

Government interference on the side of psychiatry is blocking a speedy reform of the field of mental healing. By taking sides, the government is preventing better rights and treatment of the insane.

Let Scientology and psychiatry fight it out on their own ground.

Government has no business in this area of technical dispute unless of course, in this case, it really wants Dr. Cromwell as its Big Brother* in 1984.

L. Ron Hubbard

*Cromwell: Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658), an English Puritan and revolutionary leader. He overthrew the king and had him executed, dissolved the existing government and ruled England as a director from 1653-1658. His invasion and subjugation of both Ireland and Scotland earned him the undying hatred of the people of both these countries.

*Big Brother: a symbol representing a totalitarian government; from the novel 1984, written in 1949 by English author George Orwell. The book describes life under a severely suppressive government which ruthlessly invades the privacy of individuals and seeks to exercise total control over them. The government personifies itself as a Big Brother of the citizens to symbolize its supposed concern for their welfare.

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