A Champion – An Essay

By L. Ron Hubbard.

15 November 1969  The Independent Journal, published by the Church of Scientology, printed the below. We felt it was worthy printing it again, today, for the obvious reasons as it could have been written yesterday. Times have not changed so much.

George Wichelow was one of the greatest Hyde Park speakers that England ever had.

He was also one of England’s greatest stage magicians.

He was also a Dianeticist and Scientologist.

One of the last disappearing breed of hard realists, George used to say: 

“A people has got to fight for their freedom all the time.

“They never dare let up.

“Because when they do the slave makers crush them.

Freedom isn’t something you get and then have. It’s something you have to fight for and keep right on fighting for.

The moment the people turn their backs, some new slave master pushes in a new law and another one and another one and all of a sudden the public wakes up and finds itself tied to a post, ready for the yoke of slavery.”

George was certainly right.

While England’s people were not watching, laws were passed, glibly, easily, quietly which permitted any man, woman and child to be seized without any crime, thrown into cells and mental institutions and beaten, tortured or killed by attendants at the order of psychiatrists.

If you want a real shock and case of gooseflesh, read the laws of England’s commitment procedures that were advocated by “Ministers of Health” who were really members of these private psychiatric front groups.

When one sees the fantastic hidden power of these groups behind the scenes and looks at these health commitments procedures, one knows exactly what George was talking about.

One can envision the scene. Night. A knock on the door. The rattle of a lock and the crack of light.

Who’s there?”

“Open up. Are you John Jones?”

“Aye, but….”

“Are you the secretary John Jones of the Garment Makers Union?”

“Aye, but….”

“Come along laddie.”

“Look, where’s your warrant? Where’s….”

We don’t need no warrant.”

“But what’s the charge? I haven’t done anything.”

“Well now, you don’t need to have done nothing, laddie. This is a commitment paper for mental incompetence. So come along.”


“Seize him, Ned. He’s violent.”

And off he goes, never to be seen again, and if he is, he’s only a lump of crippled flesh.

The crime? He advocated better working conditions at the local factory. You know, the factory owned by Lord Guffwuff whose friend is Lord Baffwaff of the local Mental Health chapter.

It couldn’t happen today?

Well, it happened to millions in Germany about a third of a century ago when Hitler’s elite had such power.

And it is happening today. In England and America and Australia and South Africa to name a few.

You didn’t think those German psychiatrists were going to remain unemployed forever, did you?

George was right. The public shouldn’t have taken freedom for granted and turned their backs.

L. Ron Hubbard


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