A Reason Psychiatric Front Groups Attack Scientology

27 February 1969  The Independent Journal Published by the Church of Scientology

In Book Two, Chapter Five of Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health you will find a mild remonstrance against psychiatric electric shock and surgery. It described these as ways to get into trouble with mental healing.

This was in 1950. Within 3 months of its appearance the book was under irrational attack by psychiatric front men and groups.

In the late 50’s psychiatrists actually got a bill half through the US Congress authorizing a Siberia. Any man, woman or child could be seized and sent without trial to Alaska, deprived of human and civil rights and detained forever, all without trial or examination.

The Founding Church of Scientology of Washington DC, caught wind of this bill and instantly mobilized US civic groups and defeated it.

These marked Scientology for slaughter in the books of these madmen.

As recently as 1968 the same international psychiatric group was trying to push the same Siberia Bill through the New Zealand Parliament.

Keneth Robinson, former Minister of Health in the UK and vice president of a branch of this psychiatric front group, is the one who began trouble for Scientology Churches in the UK.

Robinson, in his book published by this front group, advocates personally the easy seizure of anyone in the UK for despatch to death camps.

Press chains headed by men who were also directors of the psychiatric front group, Cecil King and Sir William Carr, kept pounding at Scientology, urging “official action,” trying to build up an anti-Scientology public opinion and obliterate it.

Any other hostile actions toward Scientology build back step by step to the same group.

Scientology has fought a constant and winning battle for human rights for two decades.

During that entire time, not one crime has been found in Scientology.

But during that time psychiatry has seized and killed tens of thousands of people they don’t like.

It is said that Scientology breaks up families. They don’t. But psychiatrists call their own rape and death of men’s wives “necessary treatment.”

Any type of crime this psychiatric group accuses the Scientologists of has now been traced back to be standard psychiatric practices.

Being slightly more than mad, these fellows are trying to put public attention on an innocent group to distract attention from their own brutal and perverted activities. By saying someone else does these things they think the public will believe the psychiatrist is a lofty public-spirited paragon of virtue.

The public is not fooled. They detest psychiatry. Forty-seven percent of people with mental trouble go to their clergymen. Twenty-eight percent go to their general practitioner. The psychologist and psychiatrist, between them, only get sixteen percent of the ‘trade.’

To enlarge their sphere the psychiatrist (UN Tech Series 98) plans to knock out all churches in the field of mental healing.

Scientology is their first target. If they win there they will take on other churches and so build their empire.

The only puzzle in all this is how does the psychiatrist influence governments?

As a terror symbol? By blackmail of politicians using confession data of wives? Holding politicians’ family members hostage? By bribery?

The psychiatrist handling almost none of the ‘trade” yet obtains hundreds of millions from governments annually over the world. For this he gives no service, injures or kills his patients, seeks to seize anyone and everyone at a whim, yet is strangely immune from the correct murder charges. Not even a medical doctor is allowed to kill people.

How could the allied nations hang Germans at Nuremburg for these crimes and yet award heavy appropriations at home to run their own death camps?

Scientology continues to demand human rights for all men and continues to defy these psychiatric front groups.

The world today will not stand for such flagrant rights violations as the psychiatrist demands. The world today will not stand for death camps, human experiments, torture and murder.

The Scientologists are fighting this and will fight it down to a final and complete victory over the powers of evil.

Someday even the press, even the politicians will wake up and say, “Hey! These are the guys in the good hats!”

Or else the press and politicians were the bad hats all the time.

The century has a long way to run.

The public has already realized the Scientologists are good people.

L. Ron Hubbard

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