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The psychologists and psychiatrists depended upon utterly by Western governments use only the technology of failed areas.

From Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia we get the arrogant psychologist and psychiatrist whose animal and death camp practices come from the work of PAVLOV and WUNT.

After these and their colleague’s work was accepted in these countries and used by their governments, total revolution and catastrophe followed.

The mental technology being used today by the western governments gave Germany a Hitler, Russia a Stalin. Poland, Austria, Germany and Russia have been the scene of death camps, mass slaughter, wars and total defeat. The ruling heads who bought and used this work are long since dead, execrated* and condemned by mankind.

Yet Western governments now pantingly beg for the faintest opinions of the current exponents of these technologies.

With their crime rate soaring in England since they began to use this degraded technology, yet even their police are forced to study it.

It is taught even to school children in America and American mothers raised the generation on it who are now deserting in hordes from the army.

Not only do Western governments now use this mental technology but also use the advice of the very men, nationals of those countries who were part of the downfall.

A list of these “experts” in the work of Wunt and Pavlov and other Eastern authorities shows in New York alone as 62% imported from those countries.

Further the public wants nothing to do with them and their “man is an animal” death camp orientation. The public will not support them financially or willingly go to them.

These men exist on government handouts and appropriations.

So they are doubly a failure.

Further, these people attack every new Western development in the field of the mind by slamming against one the full control they now have over governments.

These men, operating from a headquarters close to the Russian-German border, control the entire field of “mental health” in the West.

Scientology, the only new Western development in the mind and spirit is fought by these men with demonic fury.


Anyone in the public who disagrees with this new fascism is slated for their stockades, torture by ingenious shocks and murder. All avidly agreed to by the “very best people.”

In my humble opinion these very best people had better remember the fate of the Czar of Russia, of Adolph Hitler, of the crowned heads of Austria and the rest. These were the “best people” of their day too. They died very horribly after using the work of these psychiatrists and psychologists.

Western crime is soaring, violence stamps Western cities, students are in total revolt, armies of men are deserting. And the Western leaders listen raptly to the same technology that made dust of its own world.

Either Western leaders are being stupid beyond belief or they are themselves criminal. Take your choice. There are no other possible explanations.

To scorn and attack all Western developments in the field of the humanities and engage in a death-kiss orgy with the Wundt, Pavlov rantings against man is not a “symptom of the times.” It is a planned destruction of the West by the use of its own heads of state and should be regarded as such.

Watch carefully wherever the leaders of a country shrug off these death camps that are now being brought to view; you have men whose hatred of their own people is deep and bitter and will not end until the population is shattered and destroyed. 

There is no possible sane excuse, pretext or explanation for planned and “lawful” seizure, torture and murder of innocent human beings.

Why import failed technology?

L. Ron Hubbard

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